Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Busy in Santa's Workshop

Thought I would share the fun I've been having in Santa's workshop......

I placed a piece of the fabric I've chosen for the binding on the side and the backing will be the light blue fabric with the stars.  I will try to get the "quilt sandwich" made tomorrow and hopefully I will get the quilting finished by the end of the weekend if not sooner.  So I will have this one completed way before December 20th, when I have to bring it back to put it under the Christmas tree.   This quilt is the baby size of the Yellow Brick Road, the same design as the lap size I shared yesterday.   I really love this quilt design it's so quick and easy to cut and piece together.


  1. HI Denise,
    How pretty. Santa must give you a raise. LOL
    I was busy in the kitchen today.
    Have a simple week .

  2. That is so pretty. I love the design. That would be a good quilt to use up small bits of fabric.

  3. Santa will be proud... you are just a quilting maniac lately... I can't believe what you get done in a short time. Amazing, I just love seeing your beautiful creations. This one is another exceptional beauty. Oh the little guy is going to be thrilled.

  4. Oh so do amazing work...I decided to clean the closed cabinet on the entertainment center..I found all these books I had put in there..I thought somehow there were sold at a yard sale..I felt so giddy because I found all my quilting books and other books I loved...It felt like Christmas today.. Have a great day..Lisa

  5. Red is one of my favourite the mix of colours and patterns in your quilt.
    florrie x


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