Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I believe it's a "flimsy"

I believe I can officially call this "winter" quilt a flimsy.  I aplogize for the photos, the lighting wasn't that great, but I wanted to get this post done tonight.  Here is the completed top, I will probably save the quilting of this one for later, at least until after I get the next smaller quilt done. 

I am sure going to love snuggling under this quilt (when it's complete) this winter when I am reading some of the books from my pile.


  1. I've never understood why some are called quilts, some are called flimsies and some are called comforters. Whatever yours is called, it's beautiful. I love the colors and patterns.

  2. Love the colours together, great job Denise. I am sure you are going to be snuggly warm under that beauty.

  3. It's beautiful! Well done! :0)

  4. Oh, that is lovely! Good Job!


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