Sunday, December 19, 2010

All Ready For Santa to Deliver

Just took this out of the dryer and it's nice and soft and crinkled. 
 Ready to be delivered with these little goodies.
Straight from "Santa's Workshop".  I do have to say that this elf wishes she was better at machine quilting, but I don't think the 6 month old recipient will be too critical.  Actually it gave me incentive to work on quilting more to improve my skills, I already have two waiting in the wings. 
 Packaged for delivery.
Hope you are all able to enjoy this Christmas season, I've been trying to keep it simple and not get stressed.  My tree still doesn't have ornaments,  but I was able to get them down from the attic today.  Tomorrow I will be going out to pick up a few gift items then I can concentrate on groceries for the week and Christmas.  I'm hoping that the coming week will be quiet and uneventful :0). 


  1. The little quilt is beautiful. I'm sure it will be well loved by the little one who receives it.

  2. Beautiful Denise... I think some little guy is going to be nice and snuggly in that gem. Love the little inscription on it too... great job.

    Glad you are taking in all in stride... I have to say, downsizing the decorations and fuss this year I am actually not stressed at all. That is a first for

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas D...

    Hugs, Deb

  3. Good job getting the quilt done! It's going to be well loved that's for sure! :0)

  4. Beautiful quilt Denise, as usual! I already passed being stressed. :o)

  5. Hi very pretty Denise. Great work. Santa should give you a raise. :)

  6. Love the quilt Denise! You are so talented...
    Granny J just explained to me what stiching in the ditch means, I feel so smart about sewing now. lol
    I'm also trying not to stress and keep from doing my usual all nighter on christmas eve. It's so much better to just let go and not overdo it!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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