Friday, December 10, 2010

A little decorating,,,,,,

I've done a little decorating.....
Top of the computer cabinet.
The shelf in the living room.
The ladder with the two quilt tops I made for my home.

The window over the kitchen sink, sorry it's a little "bright".
Hope to get a few more things up this weekend.


  1. Looking good Denise... I love the snow display, too cute.

    I am having a hard time getting into the decorating end this year. Tree is up and a few pieces in every room... I am turning into a minimalist, can you believe it... lol

  2. That looks really nice Denise. I need to finish a little more this weekend.

  3. Pretty! And it's nice to see quilts (OK...quilt TOPS! LOL) on the ladder! :0)


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