Monday, August 15, 2011

The Results.................

The first attempt at making yogurt was for the most part successful.  It set up nicely and the texture was nice, but the taste was a little too TART for me.  I will do a little more checking, but from what I have been told it was because I let it "culture" to long, so the next batch I will only leave for 7 hours.  Here are a few photos of how it looked................

It is really hard to see that the texture is fairly smooth!

A few weeks ago while blog hopping I came across a post that talked about keeping it real, well here is what my kitchen area looked like on Saturday morning, I was too lazy to clean up before bed! 

A photo of the "canning" corner in my kitchen, it's where I have the boxes of jars, the canner, etc. waiting for the next batch of whatever I'll be making next! I just felt it made more sense to keep everything up and out instead of wasting 20 minutes digging it out of it's storage space.

 Another "keeping it real" photo........the nasty rings that are currently on my stove top from the canner, I will be canning more so I felt it was a waste to scrub until I was finished canning season.  I may have to cheat and scrub if it gets any worse or if my mom comes for a visit, LOL!

Last but certainly not least................Could you please take a moment to check out Marydon's blog, read the post (and link she provides) and if you are in support (I think you will be) then leave comments, for each comment $1 will be donated to the cause. 

Off to tackle several quarts of black raspberries!


  1. I think the storage place for the jars is perfect. Convenient and you can see how many jars you have left to fill.

    I'm off to check out that site.

  2. Hi Denise,

    I think your blog is pretty real anyway but it was nice to see your real life kitchen mess as alot of the time, with two teenagers ruling the roost, mine is the same.

    Will be interesting to see if your yogurt does turn out less tart with less "culture" time.

    I shall go and have a peek at that site.


  3. I found a recipe for muffins that uses yogurt and could use some of your homemade for that! Your "keeping it real" pictures made me smile because I have the same kinds of areas when I get involved in canning or other kitchen activities. I'm running the dishwasher already this morning so there will be plates for tonight.

  4. black raspberry jam? my mouth is watering here denise...looks delish!


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