Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guarding the Flock

While working on a few little things around the coop I had the opportunity to take this picture. 

With Rudy and Midnight watching over them I am hoping the "girls" will be safe from harm!

Off to make more relish and some B & B Pickles.


  1. I know I'd feel safe with Midnight guarding me! :0)

  2. I second Terry's statment. Midnight could guard me any time and I'd feel safe.

  3. What a beautiful dog, I have a hunch Midnight is a big teddy bear! How's the pickle making progress going? I hope to begin my jam making next week, that is if the weather cooperates! Hugs, Julie.

  4. What a sweet picture... Midnight is a beauty. Rudy seems quite content to be on guard for his ladies... hope your canning is coming along good... I can smell those smells from here... brings back a lot of good memories.

    Glad you are getting a break from the heat too.

    Hugs, Deb


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