Sunday, August 7, 2011

Found Little Brother............

Decided to take a ride today and check out an Estate sale that was advertising canning supplies, I need a few more pint jars.  Here's what I found.................

Some for canning.......

Some for decorating............

A 22 quart pressure canner, (the price on the box was $99), it is in almost new condition, just needs a wash...........

A few books to add to my learnin' library...............

A yogurt maker, I've been thinkin' about trying to make some of my own and have been checking out the prices.  This brand is what I was looking at, the glass jars are missing but it's clean and the instructions are included.  I can buy new glass jars or maybe use some of the small canning jars I have, I'm testing the timer, etc. than I will see if I got a deal.  Brand new this one is about $39, the price was right ($1) and worth a try.

Last but certainly not least is "little brother", a 5 gallon crock with lid......
I was so shocked when I saw this crock, I asked what they wanted for it, are you ready................$2, yes that's right TWO DOLLARS!  I actually paid $30 for the whole lot so I think I did well. 

Off to clean my treasures and put them away!


  1. You got good stuff! I love those old jars! :0)

  2. wow! you did very well. I know you will enjoy all these neat things while you cook.

  3. Oh my did you ever get a steal!!!! Love that crock, wow $2.00! looking forward to a homemade yogurt post. Have a great week, Julie.

  4. a successful trip i'd say....i used to have crocks and lots of stuff, bungalow with full attic and basement which were chock full but downsized a long time ago and have lived in small spaces since, so haven't accumulated that much, which is easy to do

  5. TWO DOLLARS for the crock... you have to be kidding me. That is the deal of the century. That is a beauty Denise. I am sooooo drooling over both of the ones you got.

    You got some great stuff there... don't you love when you find stuff that you were actually looking for.

    Have a great day Denise... I have to run to get my mop and wipe up my tears before I have a flood... lol

    Hugs, Deb

  6. Wow you sure got some great bargains. I always thought I would like to try yougurt making.


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