Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tonga Party

Yesterday was the first of two days of hot humid weather, I got my work done early and spent the afternoon in my sewing room.  I will be doing the same today, tomorrow will be nice with more seasonable temperatures by then I will be ready for outside stuff.  Here is what I got done yesterday afternoon.................
 The Scrap Basket Blossoms (above) designed by Kim Diehl is now officially a flimsy!  I really had fun learning machine applique and will be making many more of her designs in the future as well as using the machine applique in many other projects.

I got the second Tonga Rhapsody block done and today I will get the third one finished then I will be "caught up" with this BOM.   Below are the fabrics for month three, this one shouldn't take very long to it is mostly half square triangles along with simple squares and I think a few rectangles!

I am not sure what I will select to work on after I get the Tonga block finished, may be the Scrappy Vintage Nine-Patch, I have lots of leaves to get done, or maybe the Garden Basket blocks, still have lots of stitching??

Well off to get a little laundry done and a little housework done then into the sewing room.


  1. Gorgeous Denise... you just keep uping the anty with those squares. Beautiful work.

    Glad you are going to get some nice weather your way. Cooler here today... we broke all records yesterday. With the heat comes the storms though, I am not liking that part. Knocked several large limbs off my trees and made a big mess in my yard. I just can't keep up with it all. Mother Nature must be going through Mentalpause this year, she is getting nastier by the day.

    Hope you have a terrific day Buddy...

    Hugs, Deb

  2. very nice denise, love both of your projects! we dodged the icky weather yesterday and early this AM too, just now the sun is out and it's getting warmer...we're so much closer to the water i guess..ok with me! pulled out some small projects to do for the duration

  3. Love your blocks! Those Tonga fabrics are so pretty! :0)

  4. The machine applique piece is really pretty. I love the colors of the fabric in the last picture.

    Our temps were in the mid 90s for a few days but it's cooler today. We're supposed to get some rain and thunderstorms later today. If it's not the heat it's the rain and storms. :(

  5. Hi Denise,
    Looks so pretty.
    You do great work.
    Mrs. E

  6. I'm about to try and knit a cot blanket in a design rather like your 2nd tonga rhapsody patch - wish me luck!


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