Friday, June 17, 2011

Almost Home

 A good part of this week hubby and I have been outside working on this.................
This weekend we will try to finish it up, we still have to make a "people" door for the yard, enclose the rest of the yard with fencing, put on the roof, put in a roosting pole in the yard area, some hooks for an outside waterer and feeder, a screen for the inside window, and a few other small loose ends.  I would like to have this finished up this weekend, we have had this coop since March, and I want to add several more ladies to the bunch!  If the weather is cooperative and barring any other unforeseen circumstances I think this goal is very achievable.  

In the above photo you can see that hubby had me cut the frame and roof rafters so that the roof would slope a little.  He has done all the "math figuring" for this project, we built the walls on the ground and then carried them over and voila they fit.  While I would rather be sewing than using power tools it is nice that I will be able to stand back and look at what I built with my husband's help!  The even better part of this project is that all of the wood that we have used is from our scrap pile out back, we will have to buy some hinges and a latch for the door but that shouldn't be too pricey, the fencing we have also had for quite some time, hubby has a habit of acquiring things, that he is not always sure how they will be put to use.

Here are the roof panels, they have been in a pile out back for quite a few years, finally a use for them, I just need to hose them down a little!  These should help to provide shade in the summer and keep most of the snow out of the yard area in the winter! 


  1. You go girl! I love the feel of a power tool in my hand! The coop and run look awesome, the girls are going to love it!! Great idea to put panels over the run. Do you have a rooster too? Have a great weekend, looking forward to seeing photos of the girls in their new digs!

  2. You made good progress on the coop project! I'm sure the girls will appreciate all your hard work when they can move in! :0)


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