Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pick it Apart, Part II

My last post contained a bit about applique, well I forgot one important part...............what happens with the freezer paper after you attach it to the quilt. 

You will need to applique the piece to the quilt in the method that you are most comfortable with, I chose to do it by hand, I tried sewing two with the machine and the batik fabric is not a forgiving so it didn't look as nice as the piece I did here.  Here is a photo of the leaf being hand appliqued................
 In the above photo the blue leaf is one that I machine appliqued and I think it "shows" too much for my taste,  this quilt will be a great opportunity for me to improve my hand applique skills, LOL. 

Below you can see I finished appliqueing the yellow leaf and have turned to the back of the quilt, the scissor point is on the fabric that is behind the leaf, you need to snip a very small opening in the one layer of fabric behind the leaf, (the freezer paper is just below this layer)  to allow you to cut away some of the fabric under where the leaf is..........

 Below you can see what it looks like after I cut away the fabric, the white is the freezer paper on the back of the leaf, so as you can see you only cut away the fabric that you appliqued onto leaving about a 1/4" from the stitching.

Then you are going to reach under the seam and lift up the freezer paper, if you were good and used only a small dab of glue as mentioned here, it should just come right out.

 Here I have taken the freezer paper out.
I hope that I didn't make this sound too complicated, if you have any questions or notice something that doesn't make sense let me know and I will try my best to answer questions.  Off to stitch more leaves!


  1. Denise, Your work is beautiful... Thank you for teaching me.. I have taken picture of what I need to know and then write down the directions.. Then I put the directions into a spiral notebook...I have always wanted to learn..

    Thank you for your words of encouragement of our changes in our life...I am embracing it..

    Have a great week.. Lisa

  2. interesting that you are the second quilter in two days that cuts the fabric off of the back after appliqueing... I just pull the freezer paper out right before I complete the last applique stitch, with my serger tweezers...was taught that cutting the back off weakens the quilt...what are your thoughts from your experience???

    enjoy your blog...thanks!!


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