Monday, August 15, 2016

Catching Up

I haven't been the best blogger, no new posts in almost a year...........instead of trying to "catch up" in one post I will share a little at a time.

 Recently finished the wedding quilt for my youngest son and his new wife, it is at the quilter's right now, the binding is all made and waiting for it's return.  The quilt is called River Rock by Marcus Brothers using Primo Batiks.

A walk through the sewing room to see a few things I am working on during the hot humid days this summer and when we are blessed to have rain!
The bundle of fabric in the bottom right hand corner is going to be a rag quilt for a friend, it should make up quickly.  At the machine is a wool applique project that I am currently working on and to the left on the table are the shirts that are for a memory quilt.

A close up of the wool project, "Just A Buzz'n" by Crane Design.
 case those projects aren't enough to keep me busy I can work on one of these hiding under the cutting table

Time to work on a bit more of the wool project, hoping to add one of the bees soon.........


  1. denise....very pretty quilt! and welcome back to the mail for something special....good to hear from you!

  2. That's a beautiful quilt! Have fun with all your projects! :0)

  3. Gorgeous Quilt, love seeing over folks sewing rooms.


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