Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Harvest Time

As mentioned in my last post I had some canning to get to, I also had some honey to extract.  I spent most of Sunday extracting honey and cleaning the sticky, sweet mess.

The extractor all ready for some frames!

A river of honey from the extractor.

This is a frame of honey before uncapping and putting into the extractor.

Some of the honey jars, there are many more..........

Monday was spent making two batches of hot pepper jelly and making juice from grapes to be ready to make jelly today.  Grape juice is such a beautiful rich color.........

The honey is in the back, the first batch of grape jelly is to the left, the relish in the center (both made today)  and the hot pepper relish to the right, only planning on making one more batch of grape jelly then the canning is done for this year.  I still have some honey to bottle probably another 10 or more pounds, so far I have over 70 pounds, thanks to my very productive honey bees!

Hoping to get everything put away tomorrow and plan on spending a little time relaxing in my sewing room before getting some outside fall prep work done!


  1. wow denise what a huge supply of goodies you have there....and is this unprocessed honey? it looks like liquid gold....i do believe in the health benefits of honey!

  2. You have been very busy.... Everything looks delicious and that grape juice looks so good... Honey is so good for you... (((HUGS)))


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