Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Catching Up

This weekend a friend came for a visit we spent the weekend in my sewing room "catching up" on our lives and sewing.  It was just the boost I needed to dig out some of the projects that were ohhhhh so close to being complete.

I got the backing for the flannel shirt quilt finished, it is now ready for quilting, I just need to work on a pieced binding.  I finished piecing the backing of another quilt that has been a UFO for several years, will make the binding for that one this week. 

I also dug out the Marcus Sew Along, I had stopped working on it because I was not happy with the second light fabric that I chose, it was a mystery quilt and I wasn't clever enough to realize it was for the setting blocks, with the help of my friend I decided to use cheddar instead.......it looks better.  I will probably tea stain this one to darken the light fabric but I am still not "in love" with this one.  I will shop my stash for a backing and make the binding soon.  This year I challenged myself to use more of my stash, this quilt is 97% from my stash!

I am also finishing up the Mastering Miniatures BOM that I started a few years ago.  I had some of the setting blocks to finish, they are now complete and there were 14 blocks that needed to be pieced, yesterday I did nine of them I am hoping to finish up the last five today.

 Off to the sewing room to work on today's goals and later I have zucchini relish, grape jelly, tomato sauce and hot pepper jelly to keep me busy for the days that follow!  


  1. wow denise you truly did get a lot accomplished in a short time...i agree with the cheddar and the tea staining...it looks great...i still have to do the setting squares for this one...your to do list towers over mine but i know you will enjoy the end result...

    1. Thank you Grace, I do enjoy the process as well as the end result. Picked the tomatoes this evening should be enough for one batch of sauce!


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