Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer Fun

The weather here the past few weeks has been beautiful, great for getting outside work done.

After putting up the greenhouse we seeded the lawn around it and in the back of the house.

Also spent some time working in the garage, we put up some sheetrock allowing us to hang quite a few things, it was great getting them up on the wall, it looks so clean and fresh on that wall, only 2 more walls to go!

Found some treasures at the transfer station aka "the dump", one 7' long 12" wide board and one water jug that is great for catching water from the greenhouse gutters! 

Finally stained and polyed two interior doors I replaced over a year ago, the house smells a little strong right now but at least the windows are open and hopefully it will get better soon. 

One of the doors was in my sewing room.....things were pushed aside to keep them from a possible spill, everything is back in place just in time for the second pattern of the Kim Diehl What Not Club #3 to arrive via email.  I will also be able to pick up the first month of a BOM offered by my local quilt shop, they have made it up using  'Farm Girl Vintage' by Lori Holt, this one should be quick since all the pieces are pre-cut!

 I have also been working on a quilt for a friend's SIL, it is made using pieces of her father's plaid shirt.  I have one more row to sew on then I will be adding two borders, I will share a photo when I complete the top.

Also need to get ready to do some canning.....the tomatoes and zucchini are going crazy, not so happy with the cukes, they didn't like the dry spell.  Corn should be ready for picking soon, a few new chickens were added to the coop and I have harvested a few more frames of honey that I look forward to extracting soon.  The flower gardens are still looking good, I guess being late starting my zinnias was a not so bad, it makes for some beautiful flowers in late Summer!

My husband just finished building a potting table for me using scrap wood, the frame was from leftover PT and the top and shelves were from an old shed, the old boards give it an instant "primitive" look!
Until next time...........


  1. oh denise all your efforts really do show off make me feel like a slug...LOL....i love kim diehl fabrics and patterns, you really have done them justice....lovely zinnias...and yes, the busy season is about to start for so many...oh how i love fall!

    1. Thank you Grace, this year I have gotten lots done and fall will hopefully be a little quieter, especially since I have a good amount of my wood inside already!


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