Thursday, July 10, 2014

Purging, Painting, Staining

We have had some hot muggy weather recently, so I took advantage and went into my basement and started painting the corner I have been wanting to get finished!  The past few months I have purged the stuff that we no longer use, I am tired of moving things to get to the things I need then moving them again when it is time for the winter wood to come inside, you get the picture.  Now I will NOT be putting anything in that corner in the summer, then come late summer I won't be wasting time moving "stuff".  It is such a freeing experience to declutter, still much to do but certainly a big jump in the right direction.  I have gotten rid of the big stuff (in the basement), now I need to get sorting some of the little things, that will be tedious so I will do one tote at a time! 

Here are some photos of the project...............................
Before the primer

After the walls were primed, I have since painted the walls and the floor in that corner.

I have also stained and polyed the window trim, we got new windows about 4 years ago and I never go to the trim.......I will enjoy going downstairs now........even to do laundry!  I will take more photos soon and post more updates........then hopefully I will get to posting some quilting, after all this blog is called Mountain Quilter!

Next big projects will be the garage and the attic, my husband and I started the garage a few years back, I posted about it then, well we need to get back to it!  The attic will be slow going, I plan to take a few things down, go through them so I don't get overwhelmed and end up not finishing it! 

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  1. it's astonishing how fast stuff accumulates....what are your eventual plans for the cellar? you are the busiest gal i know! but i was too when i had a house so i've definitely been those wheaties!


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