Friday, July 11, 2014

Mystery Quilt

Just picked up my mystery quilt from the quilters, made up the binding earlier this I just need to put it on and then I will have another finish for this year! 

The fabric is Sentiments by 3 Sisters for Moda, I really love the backing it is from the same line and is made up of addressed envelopes.  Hoping to have a few more quilting related post in the upcoming days........


  1. Hello Denise!
    I'm not sure how it happened...but I stumbled across your blog this evening and noticed that you were also from Maine! I've enjoyed reading through some of your posts...we have much in common...starting with three boys! And I've noticed you spend a lot of time sewing...and splitting firewood...sounds just like me! We live over on the Tenants Harbor. I'm so glad I happened on your your quilting! I will be back to visit again soon!
    Sweet blessings,


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