Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mini Quilt Retreat................

Last Fall one of my quilting/beekeeping friends moved MA, in April we planned on her coming up for a few days to spend time catching up and quilting.  This past Wednesday through Friday she was up and we spend 2 1/2 days in my sewing room - our own "mini-retreat"!

It was a great opportunity for me to get a few things caught up and to work on some projects that haven't been out of their totes in quite some time!!

The first 1 1/2 days was spent catching up on my Block of the Week project - "Mastering Miniatures" designed by Sarah Maxwell & Dolores Smith using Judie Rothermel fabrics - Yummy!  I was able to do the 7 weeks I was behind and do the current one, even made a mistake and corrected Saturday I will pick up the new one and I WILL get it finished in 7 days!!!

Here are the two I have a photo of, they are the two that required corrections (photo before correction)........can you spot the mistakes?

Next I finished up one of the Civil War Journals quilts, I had all the blocks done I just needed to sew the blocks and rows together then add the borders.  This was the Year 3 of five Block of the Month projects that was put out by the same ladies I mentioned above, they designed 5 Civil War block of the month quilts to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the CW.  Let me see if I can make that easier to understand........each year since 2010 they have had a new block of the month quilt, after doing the first one I just HAD to do all of them.  The last two I have not even opened the packages, well maybe just a little to fondle the fabric, LOL!

The third year of these CW BOMs they gave us the option to make 4 smaller quilts, after completing the above flimsy I now only have one more to work woohoo!  One of them is completely finished the second one is a flimsy like the one above!
The next project I choose to work on is a block from the first year, Civil War Tribute, I have more than half of that one finished but month 9 has a "Y" seam and two "set in" triangles.......these were a little above my skill level back in 2010 so I got frustrated and never completed that month or the rest of it!  Month 9 was one 18" block and the same one in 12", I finished the 18" one and will have the 12" one finished later today!  This year I made the decision to finished up more of my UFOs and try REALLY hard to keep the new projects to a minimum, that is difficult!
Here's the 18" block.......................

One of the projects my friend Debra worked on was finishing up this quilt that will someday be a raffle quilt for the local beekeeping organization!

Hope you are having a wonderful July so far!

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