Friday, June 20, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things

Here in Maine today it is a beautiful sunny day with a breeze and temperatures are in the low 70's...... in my book a "perfect day". 

Earlier today I went into my hives, every week or two in the Spring, Summer & Fall it is important to check the hives.  Each time I go into my hives I am checking for different things, today I was checking to make sure one hive didn't need a honey super, the other two I was checking for laying pattern and also checking for signs of swarming on all three......I was not happy to find that one of my newer hives had a queen cell, I removed it in hopes of preventing a possible swarm.  After coming inside I realized I should have stepped back and thought about the other possible things I could have done with the queen cell......I could have started a "nuc" which is a small hive that is great to have in the event that you lose a queen late in the season among other things. 

Can you find the queen in the following photos, she is the one with the green dot on her thorax........

Here is the queen cell..............

I also saw these beauties in the strawberry patch...............

Off to spend some time with my quilting friends.

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