Thursday, June 19, 2014

Never too early.................

I spent several days this week helping to split some of my mom's wood for the upcoming winter.  My parents always got tree length wood and my siblings and I work together to get it cut, split, stacked and brought in for the winter.  We are finishing up the last of the tree length wood that was ordered before my dad passed away last year, now mom will be ordering cut and split wood so all we will need to do is stack it outside and help her bring it in for the winter.

When I arrived on Monday the pile looked like this...........

At the end of the first day.......... 
The pile left over from the first day was finished yesterday.   My sister came and stacked the split wood, we just have to get the "boys" to cut the tree length stuff in the background of the above photo before we can split them! 
This summer on Thursdays I am participating in a beekeeping internship that is offered by a local apiary.  It was a great chance to learn first hand the many avenues of keeping bees, also a chance to discuss beekeeping with fellow Beeks!  Maybe I will see if it's okay to take photos next week and share a few with you.  Of course when I came home I had a few chores to get done in my apiary, I plan to open the hives tomorrow, will try to get a photo or two if the girls let me!

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