Friday, June 13, 2014

Family Treasure

Earlier this Spring after reading a friends blog about her treadle sewing machine I thought it might be fun to find one of my own.  After looking on Craigslist, I remembered that my great grandmother used to have one and then I wondered where it might be, after speaking with a few family members I was able to locate it...........................
She now resides at my house, I have cleaned her up a little, named her "Mary" and got her up and running again!
When I first opened up the cabinet I saw this "red" felt piece pinned around the body of the machine, my grandmother used it as a pin cushion.
I wasn't sure what to name her, my great grandmother's name was Mary, so I thought that would be nice, but when I found this in one of the drawers I knew that Mary was the right name..............

My great grandmother on her wedding day...........
 Her 99th birthday, she lived to be 102 years old and was able to live in her own home with her son until she was 100.
I am planning on finding a quilt that I will make exclusively on "Mary", it will probably be a winter project since this time of year is mostly spent with outside work!



  1. Its a beauty!!!! And to name it after her owner who enjoyed using it, and to think every time you sit down to use it, will bring back wonderful memories....Lisa

  2. I didn't have anything sewing related from my family only my husband's family so it is a special piece. An aunt of mine has a quilt she made with my great grandmother using this machine........I haven't seen it yet, but planning a visit soon! My mom has her machine and her mother's machine, so one day I will have all three generations as well as mine!

  3. How cool you were able to locate your great grandmother's sewing machine! My grandmother had one, but she gave it to my cousin who doesn't sew. LOL I ended up finding one on ebay and I love it! :0)


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