Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I've Been Up To this Fall.............

Since I last posted I've been to the Fryeburg Fair..................

Red & Rusty.......

 Rough day at the fair...............

I soaked in the sights, smells & flavors of the fair.  My favorite fair treat is fried dough with melted butter and cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top, of course I had some fair fries and a few other goodies too! 

I also worked on a few UFOs, here are some photos of them...................

The 1 1/4" squares for one of the borders of the Garden Basket wall quilt, I'm not quite finished cutting them.....
 Here are the blocks for the center of the GB quilt, while trimming these blocks I noticed that I forgot to stitch the stems on one of them, I'll get that done before I finish the top.......

This is one of the quilts from Lori Smith's Fat Quarter Quilting that I started working on last winter!  I have to finished a little more hand quilting and put the hanging sleeve on the back.

I "ripped" the boards for the chicken yard expansion, hoping to get it finished next week,  in case you haven't noticed it's taking me a long time to get this done, I'm not really excited to be working on this project.  The pullets are really in need of more area, we are also hoping this will help with "integrating" them with the older hens and didn't go so well the first time we tried :0(  Hoping it works next time or I may need two coops.  I also showed them what an egg looks like and told them to start thinking about laying soon or else, LOL!

I've also been cleaning up the gardens and getting the yard ready for winter.  Here are the last of the Hydrangea flowers that I cut today before the rains came........

I also harvested 3/4s of a bushel of grapes from my vines and made jelly from them.  Now I am waiting to see if it sets up after it cools, it's been over 6 years since I've made any jelly and can't remember how long it takes to "jell".  

The soap is curing nicely.......I can't wait for it to finish up so I can try it out!  I'm tempted to make more before this one is finished curing so I can use some as gifts.  If I wait, the second batch won't have time to cure before Christmas......something to ponder!  I also am hoping to make a few gifts for Christmas, but I'm NOT going to stress out if it doesn't work out. 

Hope you are having a wonderful Fall!


  1. You are one busy lady!! I missed out on the state fair this year. Too much going on around the homestead and couldn't break away. You can click on the washing soda in my post and it will take you to the link on how to make it. so very easy! I am making soaps for Christmas too. It has been awhile since I made a batch but am enjoying it. Have a lot of grapes to make into jelly but have to finish canning tomatoes first. Never seems to end.

  2. Wow! You've been busy! Everything looks wonderful! :0)

  3. Oh good I thought you starting raising cattle when I saw that

    Wow, wow, wow... your creations just blow my socks off. All so gorgeous.

    You are making us look so bad, showing us all your wonderful skills. I love homemade jam nothing bought ever comes close.

    Great job on all.

    Have a great day Denise.

    Hugs, Deb

  4. Hi Denise,
    Wow you have been busy.I love all the quilts you make.

  5. Good morning Denise, You have been very busy. The jelly looks wonderful... The fair looked like it was fun.. And of course your quilts are so very pretty.. You have come along way with your chickens..I am sure those fresh eggs are wonderful..
    Have a great day and may it be filled with many blessings.. Lisa

  6. denise, love your lori smith piece...her patterns are wonderful! and all that jelly, mmmm looks good. will be anxious to see your soap when it's "done"....and tell your little chicks that holidays are coming and things could be a LOT different! LOL

  7. It is hard to believe that fair season is over. While at the Fryeburg Fair DH has to have a dough boy or two, me fudge. I also like to sample what Loretta is cooking in the kitchen! Beautiful quilts, you have been one busy lady. When I introduce new comers to my established flock, I place the younger girls cage and all in the coop. This allows the older girls ample time to become use to their presence while the younger ones remaing safe. After a few weeks, I begin letting the young ones out for an hour or so. When the older girls are out in the yard the little ones have coop and coop yard to themselves. This system has worked for. Good luck, hope you are enjoying Fall. Julie


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