Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quilting & Soapmaking

Finally caught up on the Tonga Rhapsody BOM, here are all seven blocks with the sashing.........
There is more sashing and other stuff that goes along with the blocks, you can see a photo of the finished quilt if you go here.

In the past few months I have been busy researching soap making......Rhonda at Down to Earth has a very informative post (just click on the blog name) the recipe that she posted is the one that I used, it's very simple, just what I needed for the first time.  The only thing that I added was Lavender Essential Oil.  I also read 'Soap Maker's Workshop' by Dr. Robert S. & Katherine J. McDaniel, it was very helpful and included a DVD that showed the process.  Here are some photos I took, the first one shows how I had everything set up and ready for each step................
The white "box" is an old Styrofoam cooler that is lined with a trash bag, I used this as my "mold".  The jar with the clear liquid in it is the water that I added the lye into, it is cooling while I heat the oils.  You can see the small bottle of essential oil that is ready to be added to the soap, you can also see off around the corner the hand blender ready to go, I just used newspaper to protect the counter top. 

Heating the olive oil and coconut oil (the white chunks).......

The soap just before it's ready to be poured into the "mold"...............

Today I took it out of the mold and cut it into bars, now I just need to wait approximately 6 weeks for them to "cure"!  Overall the process is very simple, that being said, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you do your homework before making your first  batch of soap, Lye is very caustic, so please do the research before trying this for the first time.  I was also able to speak to a friend of a friend that has been making soap for over 10 years she was able to give me some great tips, like the cooler as a mold, and using a tall jar to mix the water and lye, so be sure to check with friends they might be able to give you some great tips! 

See the "chicken" in the background, I picked up her up in the free bin at the quilt shop, rusted to perfection!


  1. Your quilts are beautiful...One day I am going to make my own soap...After this cancer we are going to be changing alot of things in our lives..We are going to be making all our detergents and soaps.. I love Rhonda's blog..Have learned alot from her...
    Love the picture of the sunflower...my favorite flower...
    Have a great evening...Lis

  2. Denise, the new quilt is going to be just gorgeous, you do such lovely work. Soap making is one craft I have not attempted, thank you for all the extra tips, I just might give this a try. Lets hope the sun shines tomorrow! Julie.

  3. Your blocks look great! I hate to admit this, but I have no desire to make my own soap! LOL

  4. Way to go girl... you did it. I bet it smells heavenly. You make it look so easy. Someday in my spare time I am going to attempt that. I have to admit I am a little afraid of the lye part though. Is it a necessary evil, or can you replace it with something else?

    Love the quilt squares. You just amaze me with your quilt creations... who knew there were that many patterns out there.

    Hope you are having the nice weather there too. It actually is a little too warm for me right now. I had full intentions of getting a lot of yard work done but it is too hot for it. No complaints though, beats cold and rain or snow.

    Have a great day Denise...

    Hugs, Deb

  5. Denise....Your soap looks great! And so do those beautiful quilt blocks! Love 'em!


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