Sunday, April 3, 2011

New BOM & a New Skill

Friday's snow meant that I had to wait an extra day to pick up my new Block of the Month.......Tonga Rhapsoday designed by Wing and a Prayer

This will be the first quilt I have ever done with batiks, I really love the colors!

When I read  the directions I realized that I had to paper piece four of the sections, I was concerned because I have never done it before.....well thanks to the Internet and the two quilting "bibles" that I have I was able to figure it out!  As a matter of fact I'm excited because I will be able to try some of the blocks in The Civil War Love Letter Quilt book that I bought last summer! 

This afternoon I finished up block 1 of Tonga Rhapsody........
I am going to behave and NOT sign up for any new BOM for a while, I have lots of projects that are WIPs and many more that I would like to make.  Especially since I now have a new skill that I will have to practice sometime soon!


  1. Pretty fabrics and what a beautiful block! Well done with the paper piecing! :0)

  2. That's beautiful. You're a fast learner so I'm sure you'll be moving on to a new skill before we know it.

  3. very beautiful (I will have to look up paper piecing)

  4. What a great block! Just found your blog and signed on to follow. Stop on over to and consider following too. Blessings!



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