Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tour of the Interior

 The weather is warming up and we are planning on making a few improvements to the new coop before Rudy and the girls take up residence in their new home (and hopefully a few new friends).  Tomorrow we will make a materials list and then once we gather the materials we will begin.  Here are the pictures that I took of the inside of the new chicken coop.........
The nesting box, yippee I won't have to lift the whole roof to get the eggs!

The back wall with a roost, we will be insulating the interior and covering it with thin plywood so it will be nice and cozy for our cold Maine winters.

A real working window for ventilation during the summertime, hmmmmm wonder if I could make some cute curtains, LOL.. 
Here is a close up of the nesting area, right now it is one big area but we will partition it to make 3 separate areas, hopefully this will keep the chickens from sleeping in this area and help to keep the eggs clean.

This is the side wall, the "square" is the door for the chickens to get outside to their yard.

Other changes we are planning on making, adding another window for ventilation in the summer, putting wire in front of the window(s) to better secure the interior, we are also going to wire it for electricity in case I want a light or fan.  Hubby has a few things he would like to do to "dress up" the outside and I would like to paint the trim to match the house.  Of course we are also going to build a completely enclosed outside yard that will attach to the side of the coop, it will have a door for me to go into the yard to keep it clean.  The top of the enclosed yard will have some type of roof (probably some metal roofing) to provide shade in the summer and keep snow out of the yard in the winter.  Hopefully we will have this completed  in the next two weeks. 

Stay tuned for updated photos as we go along.


  1. That's a really nice chicken coop Denise! You will enjoy the chickens and the coop this summer. You've got your own homestead there. I've been reading some libary books about homesteading. We are growing some food, but not any animals.

  2. That coop is really well built. It's going to be great for Rudy and the girls. That's a good idea to separate the nests.

  3. It looks like you are going to have fun this summer.

    Yeap, I can see some nice quilts for the nesting areas and some cute curtains blowing in the breeze... lol.

    I am sure you will be well rewarded by Rudy and the girls for giving them such a wonderful new home.

    Have a great day Denise.

    Hugs, Deb

  4. Very nice coop! I enjoyed my visit so much today, you have a great blog...

  5. Any chicken would love to live at your place!

  6. Your girls (and Rudy) are going to be living the good life in that coop! I can't wait to see it all finsihed! :0)

  7. Denise, your coop is coming along nicely, your girl's are going to love it!

  8. Great coop. I made the same sort of lift up lid for ours so it would be easy to collect the eggs. That is going to be one awesome coop and yes, I think it needs curtains!!!!


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