Saturday, October 1, 2011

Finally A Post About Quilting!

I finished the Batik Vintage Nine Patch.........
 My incentive to get it done was to share it at the "Strut Your Stuff" at the local quilt shop last night.  It was a fun time enjoying a glass of wine and some chocolate while watching fellow quilters show off their talents.  NOTE:  This pattern is from Nine-Patch Gatherings by Lisa Bongean & Carole Charles.
Here is a close-up of the binding, I decided to make it a "scrappy" one using the leftovers from the block making, I think it looks pretty nice if I might say so myself.  I quilted around the leaves and just stippled in the center, a great chance to practice my quilting skills and I think I could use more practice!

Today I finished up the remaining three of four blocks for Month 3 of the Civil War Chronicles, they are the four corner blocks...........
I still have Months 4-9 (month 10 should be on its way to me as I type) to catch up, not to mention that I still have the last 3 months of the first quilt Civil War Tribute!  I must get moving on these as I plan on signing up for the third BOM in this series, Civil War Journals.  I probably sound crazy, especially since I haven't finished the first two yet, but I believe they are planning on doing a total of five and I would like to make all of them.

Here's month 4 waiting for me to get started, hopefully tomorrow, we are expecting another rainy day!

Time to call it a day!


  1. Denise, Your quilts are simply beautiful, I love your color choices. I too only got one pumpkin out of my garden this growing season, I still can't get over what a bust my garden was. I am happy fall is here, I am looking forward to going to the Fryeburg Fair and checking out the poultry house. Hope you are having a good weekend, rain and all!

  2. I love the colours and designs of fabric you use in your quilts, they always look so warm and cosy, I'm amazed at the intricacy involved in the blocks, very clever. x

  3. Your quilt looks wonderful! I almost bought Nine-Patch Gatherings yesterday but I put it back. I decided I have enough other books to keep me busy for a long, long time! LOL

  4. There you go again... running to get a kleenex. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous... love the nine patch quilt. Wow, you totally blow me away each one you create.

    That civil war one is going to be breathtaking also. Great job my friend.

    Hugs, Deb


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