Sunday, November 13, 2011

What's Going On................

Finished up the Garden Basket quilt...................

Of course I HAD to start something new, this is another one that I plan to keep, my house is starting to look like someone that sews lives here, LOL.........................

I recently finished up several of the "20 Minute" Table Runners....................

I thought that it would be a good idea to get the Fall ones done before it became Winter!

I have been busy with the addition to the coop yard, finally it's finished and I think I'm on plan C or D of trying to intergrate the younger hens with the older ones........still not sure if Rudy will stay, he was NOT very nice to one of the younger hens.   Here's a photo of the coop yard with the addition, we just made a mirror image of the one we made this spring, if you look carefully you can see the separation between the two yards...........
I love that I have pulleys to open and close the coop doors, there is also a door between the two yards, that has been helpful with the intergration process, the plan is to someday keep the door open all the time.  I also kept the old coop as a back up, and that too is coming in handy, you can see it, it's behind the yard addition....................

I need to take a moment to thank my three son's and my husband, without them this would not be finished or look as nice as it does.  There was one day several weeks ago that we were ALL here finishing it up before dark, it was nice to be working together as a family (sorry I was too busy working to take photos)!

That's all the "excitement" on the mountain, now I have to get in my sewing room, I have a few projects I HOPE to get done.   I would rather give a completed Christmas gift than to ask for it back so I can complete it!  Hope you are having a wonderful November.


  1. The chicken coop looks great. It looks like Midnight takes his job very seriously, watching over the flock.

  2. No wonder you've been MIA! You've been busy! Your baskets quilt looks great, and so does your tablerunner!

  3. Oh girl, you have been busy.

    You are turning into a regular chicken farmer. Great job on the coops... it is nice to have family input. I am sure you had some fun doing it all too.

    Your sewing makes your house a home... it all looks wonderful.

    Love the penny rug on the shelf and of course your basket quilt is adorable to also.

    Have a great week sweetie... xo

    Hugs, Deb

  4. Hi Denise,
    You have been a busy little bee. I enjoyed getting caught up with you.
    Elizabeth Q

  5. Your work is beautiful once again...and the chicken coop is amazing...You have been very busy...
    I think of you often and hope everything is fine with you...


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