Thursday, March 3, 2011

So Far So Good

A quick update on the goings on in the coop area.  Rudy found his way to the food and water I left for him on Tuesday afternoon, he eventually made his way back into the coop area and has been there since. 

It has meant a slight change in the feeding routine to try and keep him from getting too excited when I go in and do what I have to do to keep things tidy.  I did notice that when I put out the "treats" that Rudy was not really wanting to share with the girls.....he wanted his first!  This morning I "smartened up" and sprinkled treats in a much larger area so they could all eat the treats and Rudy didn't get all the best of the goodies!  It is my hope that after a these past few days of establishing a new pecking order things are going to quiet down.  So far the girls are still laying eggs, but I have told Rudy that if he interrupts that process his is "outta here"!   

Have a great day!


  1. Hope it works out for both you and Rudy. He's quite a handsome guy.

  2. I just got done going backwards and reading the whole Rudy saga. Glad he's settling in. I know nothing about chickens...I thought you needed a rooster to get chickens to make eggs? Guess that's not true, eh?


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