Sunday, March 27, 2011

A New Home

Thought I would share photos of the new home for the girls and Rudy.  We were going to build one this spring, but hubby saw this one on craigslist and we went and checked it out decided we would buy it!  We are going to make some upgrades as soon as the weather gets a little warmer, we will also be moving it to it's permanent location and add an enclosed yard.  Over the winter we learned what we need to do better and the coop will be closer to the house and not "downhill", this past winter I fell twice on the ice, not fun!

Here are some outside photos, the camera battery died so I will take inside photos another day. 

We are thinking of adding a window to the door, I would like it to be a working window for ventilation this summer.  We are thinking of "dressing" it up a little on the outside and painting the trim to match the house, I really want this to look nice since it will be visible from the road.  I will share the inside plans when I get those photos taken. 

The girls are doing well with their new roommate Rudy, as a matter of fact I have had two eggs everyday for 9 days straight!  Rudy is learning his place in the yard and has learned to mind his manners when it comes to eating!  We are hoping to get several more girls later this spring when the new coop is ready. 

In the quilting room.......I have about 10 leaves left to stitch and then the center block will be finished on GP and I will be able to finish up the top.  My hope was to finish it up by this weekend but it is going to take a few more days. 

Gotta go do some stitching!

P.S.  I wanted to add that I have been having a difficult time getting into some of the blogs that I follow, I noticed that when I had a "specialty background" I had trouble getting onto my own blog and that is why I went back to the "boring" templates.  I am not sure if others are having the same trouble, I don't want to mention names of those "free templates" but if you notice less comments to your blog that could be the reason.


  1. I had problems with the free templates also. I went back to a plain template and haven't had problems since.

    I like the new coop. It looks to be well built. You can find almost anything on craigslist can't you?

  2. that is great Denise... it looks to be well made... I am sure the ladies will love their new digs... maybe some ruffled curtains on the window paint it red... hahaha

    Hope you had a great weekend.

    Hugs, Deb xo

  3. What a great find! I never thought about looking at Craig's list for items, I always rely on Uncle Henry's. Your quilting projects are coming along quite nicely and am very impressed with the organization in your craft room. Lets hope the weather warms up in our neck of the woods, enough of this cold weather and wet snow!

  4. I first was going to comment that I couldn't see the pictures, but then I went back and clicked on the little boxes and the picture opened up. What a sturdy looking coop that is!
    Is it brand new? It will be fun to dress it up.
    Is my blog one of the blogs giving you trouble? Let me know, k?

  5. I love the chicken house...At first I was going to commment that I couldn't see the pictures to.. But I clicked on the little box to...Your quilts are amazing as always.. We had dusting of snow on the ground this morning...Spring please come..

    I bet your going to have a alot of fun decorating the chicken house... Lisa

  6. Denise, its so lucky that you didn't break anything when you fell! That would not have been a good thing! Great that you found the chicken coop already built!

  7. Great chicken coop! The girls are sure to love it! :0)


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