Saturday, March 19, 2011

Setting Myself Up........

Setting myself up for a productive weekend.  I have been busy plugging away at the Green Piece quilt and at the end of the day yesterday when I couldn't find something I realized that I needed to take a moment and regroup!   My plan this weekend is to get the two BOM projects finished up so I will be ready for April, so I made sure they were organized and ready to go.

The Garden Basket quilt, in my defense I started this one late sooooooo I was behind from the start!  I cut all the felt pieces and ironed them on so now they are ready for stitching in the evening when I'm in my chair.

The second one of course is the Civil War Chronicles, month 3, I have to make 4 identical blocks with the yummy fabric in the box.  They should not be that difficult, just time consuming for the cutting, then when they are together I can sew them to the month 1 & 2 blocks for the center of the quilt. 
For those of you that are sick of hearing about Green Piece, then skip this next part, LOL.  I finished stitching the last of the small blocks, then I stitched the blocks and rows together (except for the center), the center is almost complete I just need to stitch around the leaves.  Next I need to make the pieced border, once that is on then I will attach a flange and the second border, then yippie it will be ready to be quilted.

What is done so far......

Here are the border and flange fabrics........


Before I get started I will be going through these Green Piece "leftovers", some of the pieces are fat quarter size so they will go with FQs some are smaller and will go with scraps.  Lots and lots of yummy leftovers, I will have fun adding them to some of the project I hope to work on soon.
I can't wait to show you the new BOM I will be starting in April, I also have another project tucked away for when I get a few more things finished.  If you look real close you can see the fabric through the clear plastic container in this photo..........
I love these containers, while I love the look of baskets, these containers snap closed and are very easy to grab and go!  They also stack nicely, when I get the shelves in my closet finished (future project) they will fit perfectly, I will probably get a few more and that should be enough to keep me organized!  

Have a great weekend. 


  1. How pretty Denise. You have been very busy. I have been thinking about you.
    Have a wonderful week end.

  2. Yes, you will definitely be busy!!! But, its a good kind of busy. Love all the fabrics and those plastic storage cases too. Have fun Denise! Looking forward to seeing the finished projects.

  3. I love your work - you've been busy girl! I've been thinking about using containers also for my BOM's - where did you get yours? And don't tell me Mardens!! LOL!

    We're heading back to Maine in mid-June - can't wait!!

  4. The Green Peace quilt is one of my favorites. You are certainly busy. Those storage boxes are really nice. Just the right size to hold a project that you can take with you.

  5. Your garden basket blocks look great! And your Green Piece is really coming together nicely! :0)

  6. Love your work, so inspirational! I hope to make my quilt too. Bought a book about it a while ago, but never enough time.
    My blog if you wish to check:
    Have a nice day!


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