Thursday, February 24, 2011

Waiting for Spring

I have been waiting for Spring, each day we are another day closer to warmer weather!  The weather here has been cold but sunny the past few days,  we are expecting some snow/rain mix tomorrow and some more "weather" Sunday and Monday.   

While waiting for Spring I have continued to work on the UFOs in my sewing room and keeping the new ones up to date.  I have also been doing a little reading, as I have mentioned before I always have a stack or two or three of books that I want to read, after all one never knows what you might be in the mood to read, LOL.  I have cut back on the time I spend blogging, as most of you know time tends to disappear while blogging.   I am sure that the fact that I haven't been posting much will not help with adding followers BUT that is NOT why I blog......I just thought it would be fun to share what is going on in my little world and hope that I might help someone try something they thought they couldn't do! 

The "girls" are doing well, I am thrilled that they made it through the toughest part of winter.  They have been fairly productive as I have not bought any eggs since Christmas baking and I after I finished my baking I realized that I didn't need to buy any!  One of the girls did molt starting in early January but over the weekend I went to the coop and found not one but THREE eggs so the molt is over!    Not only did the girls make it throught the winter, but I managed to get them fed and watered twice a day as well as keeping the coop fresh.  Oh and I had to shovel the coop roof many times so I could open the top and of course I had to shovel some of their yard so they could spend time outside.....This winter was a learning experience and I will be making a few changes this summer to make next winter easier.

Last but certainly not least, I must thank God for keeping us safe and healthy this winter, that is probably one of the biggest blessings!  Thank you Lord for keeping us safe and healthy. 

Well enough chatter from me for today, I will update on how I did this month with keeping my paperwork organized soon. 


  1. Pretty flower photo, hopefuly not too long till Spring had your work cut out this winter looking after your chickens, and lots of fresh eggs as your reward.
    florrie x

  2. Today we had a tiny glimpse of spring when the sun shone and it was not too cold to be out at midday without a coat.

    Your hens sound lovely (and very generous)



  3. Hi Dear Friend,
    I wish I could share my spring with you.I amsewing today too and thinking about you.It is like we are sewing together just miles apart.

  4. Hello Denise... glad to see you posting again... I miss your goings ons... I know bad

    I was so jealous when I saw that flower, thinking they couldn't be popping up already.

    We are in for the storm of the year again tonight and then again Sunday and Monday... I don't have to drive in it tomorrow as I don't work Fridays but I am not looking forward to Monday... crazy stuff going on... it is supposed to be in the 40's this aft... drove in this morning with it snowing... now it is just dull and dreary... oh please, please bring us spring.

    Glad everyone is safe and your girls made out fine... what a treat to have their little presents waiting for you. You are such a good hen mommy and they are rewarding you... xo

    Have a great day and stay in touch.

    Big hugs, Deb

  5. The red geranium just makes me more anxious for spring. We're supposed to get hit with snow and freezing rain late tomorrow and Saturday.

    I have slowed down on blogging also. It does take lots of time if you make long blog posts every day.

    Glad the girls are doing well. I saw the egg count of 49. That is great.

  6. Spring is getting closer, but it's sure taking its sweet time! LOL Glad your girls did so well this winter! :0)


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