Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fun In the Snow........

We weathered another snow storm, went out several times to clean the front ramp.  I also snowblowed a path to the chickens, it was "refreshing" to be outside in the blowing snow, LOL.  Here are some photos of the view from my sewing room........

This one is the snow from the roof (we have a metal one) it is slowly sliding down and curling towards the window.  It will probably completely slide off when we get some warmer weather, it won't be long now, I hope. 

Enjoying the weather.....
 Midnight usually leaves "puddles" when he comes in on days like this.

Hunter, thankfully the snow doesn't cling to him as much! 
I have to say that I was a bit "lazy" today, other than the above mentioned work I only cut the fabric for the Civil War BOM.....maybe tomorrow I will get to sewing.


  1. I wish we had your snow. We have snow, ice, more ice and more snow and it's just a mess here! I need a vacation someplace warm and sunny! LOL

  2. Oh how the dogs love snow..Your dogs are gorgeous.. Russ didn't have to go to work today.. We had to dig out and had it done and then the snow plows came through.. But it is done... Stay safe and warm..Lisa

  3. Midnight and Hunter are such beautiful dogs! I'd trade you some ice for snow. lol Be careful shoveling snow. You don't need back problems. Stay warm and give those furkids a hug from Trixie.

  4. Midnight and Hunter are both so Handsome!!


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