Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet Rudy........

I know I said I would be sewing, but I had to run out in the terrible weather to get dog food, VERY poor planning on my part!  After I got home, I unloaded the few groceries I picked up while I was out so I wouldn't have to go out tomorrow.....I tidied up the house while trying to get the ambition to sew, then the mail came and the new Jennifer Chiaverini book arrived...........

So I may start reading this instead of sewing???

Then I cleaned the ashes from the wood stove, checked on the escapee (more on that to follow) then  I  decided I would check e-mail and visit a few of my blog friends.  Well, since the escapee returned I warmed my coffee and decided to tell you his story.

I should preface all of this by saying that we went to a family birthday party and didn't get home until after midnight, that is why I didn't know about the "addition" until the phone call.  I received a phone call on Sunday morning from one of my sons.......he told me he was calling to to give me a "heads up" for when I went out and fed the girls, of course I asked  "what happened to my girls".......oh nothing he said, he just didn't want me to be shocked when I saw a new bird in the coop!  Then he proceeded to mention the word "he" when referring to the new addition, even though I hadn't had any coffee yet I knew that "he" meant a ROOSTER!  I won't get into many details other than saying that he was saved from the "stew pot" and as long as he behaves he will be safe, but the first sign of trouble and one of my future posts will be "Rudy Stew", LOL.  Before I continue the story here is the "man" of the coop.......

Now you are probably wondering why this photo was taken in this setting......When I feed the chickens I usually sprinkle some goodies onto the ground and open the little coop door for them to come out and they eat while I am checking for eggs and getting their water container which is hanging on the inside of the coop ......this requires lifting the roof to the coop, well Rudy didn't come out with the girls to eat the goodies and as soon as I opened the roof he got all bothered and flew up into the trees!  I know that the chickens can fly, but they have never flown that high, mind you all of this took place yesterday morning before 8:30am! 

Rudy stayed in the trees, just above the coop, all day and all night (I did leave some water and feed on the roof overnight).  This morning I went about the usual feeding and covered the pen area, like I do every morning, Rudy was still in the trees.  When I returned this morning from errands I went out to see if he was still in the same tree, I didn't see him, then I looked around the coop area and there he was, somehow he managed to get into the pen area and was with the girls.  I wasn't able to get a photo because he went into the coop and I figured I would leave him alone, knowing I will have to deal with him possibly flying off again tonight, I am brainstorming a possible solution but if he flies back out that will be his problem!

Yesterday morning Hunter decided to sniff around the chicken area, not paying attention and climbed up the snow pile and found himself inside the "perimeter" fencing, when I called his name he just sat and looked pathetic, LOL. 

FYI, no I didn't want a rooster, but I will give him a chance I guess I'm just an old softee, I bet that is why he "found his way to my house"??!!


  1. I'm chuckling at "Rudy Stew". lol Yep, I think you're an old softy.

  2. A very beautiful cockerel but really my eye was on the book - I hope you tell us more about that

  3. Oh Denise you are too funny. Look at the bright side you will be able to throw away your alarm clock soon... lol.

    Love the pic of Hunter... that is so cute.

    I think you have to have a big talk with that son of yours...hahaha. Make him do the work and that will be the end of him rescuing those little critters. lol

    Have a great day, enjoy your book.

    Hugs, Deb

  4. You were a brave girl to tackle the roads this morning! The new reading material looks very interesting, is this a series? I am not familiar with this author. Hope Rudy behaves himself and stays out of the stew pot! I am not sure my girls would accept someone of the opposite sex. Keep us posted!

  5. I can't wait to read the continued adventures of Rudy! LOL And I've requested that book from the library! I can't wait to read it! Her books are so good! :0)

  6. I am not sure where my commment went..I will do another one.. Rudy the rooster is gorgeous!! Hunter his face is priceless...Lisa

  7. Hunters face is priceless and I've never seen a rooster in a tree before, it's all happening at your place.

  8. You have definitely got excitement in the chicken coop! Remember what Ruby said in the movie "Cold Mountain"? "PUT HIM IN A POT"! I hope your new bird behaves.

    I know you are excited about your new book, since you love Civil War Quilts!


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