Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just Quilting

WARNING.....This post contains more about my Civil War Quilts, so if you are sick of hearing about them than you should skip ahead to the middle of this post, LOL!

 So here's what I've been working on......I finished the last three blocks to complete the Civil War Chronicles February BOM.  Here they are next to the January block, these blocks are 16 1/2" .

On Friday night I attended the February PMS gathering, that's Potluck, Munchies, & Sewing, and I worked on the Garden Baskets quilt, I have four blocks to finish IF I want to be caught up for March. I'm going to give it the "old college try" to see if I can get them finished.
Here are the blocks for the past two months (I get 2 per month for 6 months), I decided to "distress" the 5 x 5 squares of fabric before working with them, I really like the look!  I have done the prep work for the other three blocks so it should be an easy project to work on a little in the evening.  Click here if you want to see a photo of the completed project 

Now onto the Civil War Tribute quilt that I started last year, this is the fabric for months 7 & 8.  I read the directions for each month and decided that month 8 would be quicker and easier to finish, since it was only four 12 inch blocks.......month 7 is EIGHT 12 inch blocks with lots of HSTs! 

Pieces ready to be put together.
Bit by bit, piece by piece........
One of the four nine patch center squares.
Starting to take shape.
The top row.
All together and ready to be "squared up".  I finished one tonight, and will work on the other three the rest of this month. 
I have months 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12 left of this one to finish......I started month 9 quite some time ago and it is almost complete but I need to get help with the rest of the assembly, month 10 has the same tricky seam so I will be bring that one to a friend as well!  And of course I should have month 8 finished in the next week, I hope.

I think I have set myself up to get some of these older projects out of my UFO pile, and probably just in time as there is something fun coming in April.  You will have to wait until then to see it, one little hint..... it's NOT  made with reproduction fabric, as a matter of fact it's very different from what I usually choose for fabric. 


  1. I love the fabrics in the Civil War BOM.

  2. Denise, you are amazing! You are one busy quilter. The Civil War BOMs are beautiful. I have been seriously considering doing some kind of BOM. It appeals to my doing a little at the time thing.

  3. You've been busy! Everything looks great! :0)

  4. Such beautiful fabric colors, you are one talented quilter!

  5. You really know how to make a girl drool don't you?

    That is going to be so gorgeous when you get it done. I love the distressed basket squares... you are far too talented for one person... it just isn't fair.

    Hope you are well sweetie.

    Have a great day Denise

    Hugs, Deb

  6. Wow! I am blown away by your quilts- they are gorgeous! And the applique... *sigh*... I LOVE LOVE LOVE applique! I enjoy it better than anything- it's like instant gratification when all the pieces are in place!

  7. Hi Dear Friend,
    I haven't been ignoring you. I have been going in 100 different direction. I should be better organized after this next week and I will write you. I so enjoy seeing your quilts.


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