Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer Reading

Beautiful sunny day today with more sun for the weekend, I plan to work outside some of this weekend.

I stopped by the local quilt shop, which is dangerously close to my house, to check out the sale fabrics. I know that I already have quite a stash, but it is always fun to add more! Here are the two pieces that I found.

Here are some books from the local used book store that I added to my library, I love to have a stack to choose from since I never know what I will be in the mood to read. It is always fun looking around wondering what I will find and I was excited to find one of the Elm Creek Quilter series that I had not read! Where do you like to get your books from?

Well gotta go, I need to work on fixing block 1 from Civil War Tribute BOM, I have been struggling with this one and I am determined to get it done right before I work on block 4 & 5. I will be attending the Civil War Tribute BOM monthly group meeting tomorrow at the local quilt shop and hope to share a completed block! The leader of the group always bakes a goodie from the Civil War time period and we discuss the next block as well as the history associated with the upcoming block. It's a nice time visiting with other quilters and of course a chance to oogle the fabric! Have a great weekend.


  1. Two of my most favorite things: book shopping and fabric shopping! I love library book sales.

  2. I love the colors in the two pieces of fabric. I get most of my books from Goodwill or yard/garage sales. I have several of Wanda Brunstetters books. I've never read books by Lori Wick but am going to watch for them.

  3. Found you from Granny's blog... just wanted to pop in and say hello and welcome you to blogland.

    Hugs, Deb


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