Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keeping Cool....

I am using the hot weather as an excuse to quilt (not that I need one), I do have many other things I could be doing. Instead I am working on the quilt I planned to work on yesterday. It is called Yellow Brick Road by Atkinson Designs, simple piecing and a great way to continue to get better at piecing and seam allowances, etc. I have been quilting for at least 5 years mostly simple stuff and last year I did my first BOM (will show picture at later date). I self taught myself and have been to one quilting class at the local quilt shop, I am a frequent flyer there and they are great about sharing all of their knowledge (if I figure it out I will post a link to their site later).
The border and binding are the paisley print and the backing is the bird print. Hope to share finished photos soon.


  1. I love both the design and the colors. Will you machine quilt it? I can't call myself a quilter as I mostly do 4 inch squares but I love seeing the quilts that others put together.

  2. Granny J,

    It is lap size so I will machine quilt on my sewing machine, I have done several so far with fairly good results. Practice makes perfect (or at least close).

  3. I love the blues and browns in the quilt. It will be a gorgeous quilt!

  4. I like this quilt. The colors are very nice together.


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