Thursday, May 20, 2010


Yesterday was rainy so I spent a good part of the day in my sewing room. Slowly I am making progress cutting and sorting all the fabric that I have accumulated over time. I have also been using this time to cut and set aside projects, such as some heavy weight fabric that I really liked and didn't know what to do with is now cut and ready to become Grocery Bag Keepers for family and friends. How exciting when I find use for something that I already had stashed! As I worked and cleared out my scrap draws and began emptying them I also placed the various projects that are waiting for me and was amazed. As soon as I figure out how I think that I will make a list off to the side and cross them off as I finish each one. Some of the projects are Civil War Tribute BOM, Greenpiece BOM, an All Stars strip quilt, Thistle Penny Rug and several other smaller lap quilts. I also have one BOM that I need to sew the binding on and then it will be ready to wrap and set aside for the recipient.

Here is a photo of some of my waiting projects.
It looks like it's going to be a sunny day and I need to get some outside work done, maybe I will share what I did outside next time.


  1. You are so organized! I love it. I also LOVE to make something from my stash, that I didn't know I could make.

    Are you publishing your comments? I don't see mine from yestereday. :o)

    Love your sewing room posts.

  2. I love the way you're organizing your fabric. I have mine stuffed into a tote and have to drag it all out to find anything.


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