Monday, May 24, 2010

Sew Ready!

Finished tidying the sewing room over the weekend and realized that even though I call it a sewing room, it is where I store all my crafting supplies. Here's what it looks like...

This small basket is all that I have left to cut and sort. But I "need" to be able to get back in and sew and I wanted everything in its place before I worked on my projects. I did cheat on Saturday morning and finished Block 1 from my Civil War Tribute BOM, but that was because of our monthly meeting. I will post pictures in the future, is anyone else working on this BOM? I mentioned in my last post that at this monthly meeting we have a goodie from the Civil War period, this month we had apple & onions cooked in bacon fat (which was substituted for sausage) is sounds "different" but was tasty. Speaking of food has anyone seen Julie & Julia? I watched it last night, it made me want to go out and find a copy (at the used book store) of Julia's book and see if I can recreate any of the recipies.

Time to get moving


  1. Your sewing/craft room looks great. I need to buy some plastic bins and organize my closet like you did yours. Every time I have to get something out it takes me forever to put it all back.

  2. Your sewing room/craft storage room is very, very nice! Before we moved I was using the foyer! It was just wasted space and I didn't have a room for sewing, so it became mine. It was very small. I am needing to get busy in my new sewing room, but the outdoors keeps calling me!


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