Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thanks for sharing...........

Yesterday Terry at Terry's Treasures shared a table topper she made with some of her scraps.....I loved it so much I decided to use some of my Primitive Gatherings Old Glory fabrics to make one of my own, here is what mine looks like (you can see Terry's by clicking on her blog name).

I haven't finished stitching the binding, but I am still contemplating ripping out the quilting stitches and replacing them with the red thread shown in the photos, what do you think?  The size of this topper is 19" x 19" other than copying it from Terry's photo I am not sure if I need to credit anyone else,  I will check with Terry and if so I will update this post. 
This morning I took my 4 year old Newfie, Midnight, to the groomers for the first time, I hated spending the money, but I think it will be worth every penny.  When he came home and went out and played with our German Shepherd, Hunter, the snow DID NOT ball up on his feet and underside!  Think I'm going to consider adding an occasional grooming to the budget, even if it means one (or two) less trips to the quilt shop! 
He was not really wanting a photo taken, I think he is wondering what I did with his bed.........it should be out of the dryer soon, didn't want him sleeping on a smelly bed!


  1. Denise, Your quilt is so pretty.... I like the red thread.... even tho the quilt is great with the white thread....I am partial to red....it's my favorite color...

    Midnight is a gorgeous dog... Have a question??? Does he slobber or sling the slobber?? The only reason why I am asking you that is because we have always wanted a newfie... We don't do small dogs... :) We read they can sling it a good distance... We use to go to a Pet store who had a Newfie and he was black and gorgeous and my kids wanted one.... We have been thinking of getting one or putting away some money to get one after Holly who is going to be 14 and is a German Shepherd is getting pretty old and is stqrting to go down hill... Again Midnight is gorgeous.....


  2. I love your topper! And there's nobody else to credit...I just laid out blocks and sewed them together! LOL I think the red thread would look great, but I wouldn't be picking out all that quilting.

  3. he looks totally different and if you must change the thread, i would go with the red. great posts, keep it up!


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