Friday, February 8, 2013

First Post of 2013

Finally getting back to posting, hoping to be better in the coming year!

Settling into my new sewing corner, it is comfortable and has lots of natural light.

All of my fabric is in totes and on shelves in various places in my bedroom along with most of my other sewing/quilting supplies.  While it's not as convenient as having everything in one room, I am happy that I have a place that I CAN sew!  This sewing cabinet is the Koala Sew Mate II, it folds up and looks like a sideboard when I am not using it, which is almost never!  I was able to find a used one on CraigsList, so happy that I was able to get this at a fraction of what a new one costs and it was in mint condition!

Here are the projects I have been working on...............
This is the first of the small Civil War Journals quilts, the second one is almost a flimsy, photo coming soon!
This is the flimsy Christmas Wishes by Gail Pan.
This stichery I made up myself, not sure who wrote the saying, but I stitched it up and put it in a frame I found a few years ago at a yardsale, it was a Christmas gift for my husband.
I had the opportunity to meet Grace fellow blogger yesterday, we visited a few quilt shops and enjoyed nice lunch.  


  1. Good to see you back blogging!! Wondered how you were doing.

  2. I love your sewing table! And how great to have so much natural light coming in too! Love the saying you stitched up for your husband. :0)

  3. Good evening Denise, I am happy you have returned to the land of blogging. What a wonderful craft space you have, it is nice to work in natural light. Your quilts are wonderful and I love the verse on the sampler. It is always fun when you get a chance to meet a blogging friend. Stay safe in this blizzard, Julie.

  4. welcome back denise, and a wonderful day it was! thought about you all during the storm and hoping you kept power and all was well. so glad to see it was! and poor little chickies...this too shall pass! nice projects and glad to see photos and that cabinet, wow, what a deal! i myself have been trolling craigslist lately for a couple things that are needed at below cost. and at least you have a functional corner....better than nothing. someday, eh?


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