Saturday, February 9, 2013

So that's what took you so long.......

When I finally got to the chicken coop this morning to get them fresh water and food, I think they were wondering what took so long, until I opened the door to their coops and they were confronted with the "white stuff" in their yard.  Keep in mind their yard has a roof and all the sides except for the top half of the doors are completely covered with plastic for the winter, of course their are many little "openings".............. and with the 30 plus inches inches of blowing snow that we got last night it found a way into their yard!  Here they are just coming out of the coop for the day......

It took them a few moments to decided to venture out into their yard. 

This is the front of their yard, the snow is halfway up the side of the chicken yards.
Hope the rest of my New England blogging friends are safe and sound during this storm.  I am very thankful that we had time to prepare, have the tools necessary to move all this white stuff, and that I have three sons that help, and of course my husband, he is out "playing in the yard" with his tractor while I sit here with a cup of coffee blogging!  The wind has subsided around my house so I am almost sure we should be set in regards to a power outage, but we have a generator if that happens! 


  1. Glad your power is still on! That makes the snow ok, so you can still get your coffee and sew. Don't blame those chickens for being nervous.

  2. Hi Denise, If my girls got wind that your girls are nicely pampered with plastic wrapped around their run, boy would they be jealous! My girls remain tucked nicely in their coop. I did bring them a treat of warm pasta midmorning, everyone appears happy. Glad you made it through the blizzard okay, a bit more digging out to do and we're good! Greetings, Julie.

  3. It is a rare winter if we have snow where I live. I don't blame the chickens. Thanks for the comment on my sewing room. Stay warm....

  4. I'm glad to hear all is well at your house. I don't blame the chickens for not wanting to venture out! LOL


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