Thursday, May 19, 2011

I will not start a new quilt, I will not start a new quilt.............

Okay, I need to tell myself that I will not start a new quilt or project until at least 2 projects are completed or "caught up" to the correct month!!  The hard part is seeing new fabrics or projects ideas and getting excited and not wanting to wait to start a new one.  As I have mentioned before I sometimes like to start and finish a little project in between larger project, I just need to get back on track before I do anything else.  Stay tuned  to see if I am able to stay on track, LOL! 

Here are a few of the things I need to get "caught up" on.......

Garden Baskets - I should be working on blocks 9 & 10, I only have 6 done. 

Simply Charming Fat Quarter Quilt - remember this one "picked" the other flowers they just haven't made it into the picture, LOL.

Tonga Rhapsody - just need to get month 2 done, this one is NOT behind.
Civil War Tribute - I still have lots left on that one.

Civil War Chronicles - I should be working on month 5 but I still have to get months 3 & 4 finished.

Vintage Scrappy Quilt - this is one of those that I started recently, I just need to make the rest of the leaves (about 90) and stitch them on, this one can be worked on in the evening as well.

Scrap Basket Blossoms - This is the square quilt that was started at the Kim Diehl workshop and will be worked on at the next "fourth Saturday" sewing group, since most of us went to the workshop.  I have already prepped all the applique pieces so this one should go quickly, especially since it's machine appliqued.

These are the ones at the TOP of the pile, I still have some projects that I haven't started but have all the supplies...........

Yesterday I enjoyed the Wednesday sewing group that I attended, I can see myself attending fairly regularly, it was enjoyable to spend time with a group of ladies that enjoy quilting.  I spent the entire time prepping the wool for the above mentioned Garden Baskets.  I may try to use these days to work on the Civil War Tribute, another lady was also working on hers so I'm not the only one still trying to get mine done!

Oh and did I mention that sometime I need to get outside and work in the garden, LOL.  I did finally get my egg count updated as well as the daily reflection, I will work harder to keep the reflection updated. 

Hope you have a great day wherever you are planted!


  1. It looks like you have plenty of things to work on. I like the Vintage Scrappy Quilt best of all. Now if you want to start another quilt, just don't tell anyone about it. lol

  2. Oh my goodness girl... you are sure busy. I love everyone of them. My mind would be so boggled down just trying to keep track of one of them. You go girl, I know you will do it. So happy to see you are getting some time to enjoy it all.

    We finally had a decent day... the weather guesser was wrong today for a good change. We ACTUALLY had sunshine all day and no rain... I got quite a bit of gardening done and the grass cut before it starts raining for another 5 days. Lets hope they are wrong for the forecast too. I am loving this sun and warmth.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend Denise... have fun.

    Hugs, Deb

  3. I LOVE this vintage scrappy quilt...please post when complete..



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