Saturday, May 21, 2011

Congratulations and An Opportunity to Educate

I'd like to start off by saying congratulations to my youngest son Nate, he received his Associate Degree in Applied Science today.

We had an almost three hour drive to get there so we had to leave bright and early, 6am!  Of course we also realize that with my hubby in a wheelchair it requires that we make sure that we check into proper seating accommodations so we do like to get where we are going a little early.  We usually try to park our van at the end of the row, it has a lift for hubby to get in and out.  The lift requires about an 8 foot clearance for the lift to come down and allow him to get off and on the ramp, there is a large sticker on the window that states to leave the 8 foot space and since we parked at the end we felt that would not be a problem..........

Jump to us sitting in our assigned seats waiting for graduation to begin, a woman arrives and sits behind me and states how terrible the parking was, etc. and how she parked next to a van......she proceeded to say that she noticed a sticker about the 8 foot clearance and says "like we are supposed to leave that space", well that is when I perked up and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to "educate" yet another person on the reason for this.  I told her that it was probably my van that she was parked near and went on to explain why you need to leave the space, I mentioned that in my husband's case he had someone that COULD get in and move the van for him to load up if SOMEONE parked where they were NOT supposed to park (remember we parked at the end)...........I went on to explain that in some cases the person driving the van is also the person in the wheelchair and if someone parks in that space they would be unable to get in their van!  I explained that yes in my husband's case we could move the van but if we had to leave in the middle of the ceremony, and it was raining, he has to sit outside and get soaked while I get in and pull the van forward, (I wanted to say and resist the urge to DROP THE LIFT ON HER CAR), how fun would that be??    Of course when I turned back around I heard one of the people she was with say "gee it's not raining right now is it?" I just shook my head, although I wanted to bang my head  against the wall, LOL. 

A few weeks ago while on our Quilt Shop Hop we saw a lady with a large van like ours and she had spray painted on her van door in large letters the message to allow 8 feet for the lift,  if others would realize that this simple little thing allows her to be would you like it if someone parked so you COULD NOT IN ANY WAY get into your car?  Thank you for listening to my rant, but I thought it was a perfect opportunity to educate, the next time you see a van with the above sticker what will you do?


  1. Congrats on the graduation!! I TOTALLY understand about the wheelchair parking. It can be so frustrating, can't it??

  2. Sometimes people just do not think. My husband isn't in a wheelchair but we do have a handicapped tag for parking. There have been some frustrating moments!

  3. When I had my knee surgery I had a temporary tag for handicapped parking. One day a young woman pulled into the last handicapped spot right in front of the drug store. When I rolled down my window and mentioned to her that she was in a handicapped spot she and a friend with her made nasty remarks. I backed up and then pulled right up behind her. I got out and went in the drug store and she snickered. I had to wait for a prescription and while I was waiting she came storming back and demanded that I move my car. I ignored her and she threatened to call the police. I told her to go right on. Long story short, she got a ticket and a fine for parking in a handicapped spot.

  4. Congratulations to your son! People can be so ignorant sometimes. Good for you trying to educate her.

  5. First let me congratulate your Son Nate. Good looks and brains too, what a package deal. Must be a chip off the ole block. You must be so proud.

    Denise, some people just don't get it... dense as a brush. The only way they learn if it happens to them directly. We have designated handicap spaces for that very reason... and don't dare park in it or near it without expecting a ticket, they take it very serious around here. Too bad some people are so ignorant or just too stupid to get it. Notice, she wasn't on the stage with the other scholars... hmmmmmm.

    Hope you are having a great weekend... we are back to the rain today after a couple teaser days. Grrrrrr... give me back that sunshine.

    Hugs, Deb

  6. Denise, I know you are so very proud of Nate! Good job to him and you and your husband.

    I will definitely remember to be considerate when I see a handicapped van. Thanks for educating us!

  7. ((((HUGS)))) for you and your hubby... Fantastic and I know your proud of your Son Nate in graduating...

    I read you post yesterday and man oh man my blood was boiling in how ingnorant people can be..and for the other person to oomment that it wasn't raining...How stupid and rude of these people...I am so glad that you spoke up and educated them...they sure needed it..

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend....Lisa

  8. On behalf of everyone with disabled family members, thank you for speaking up to that insensitive lady. I know how you feel. My husband has started using a wheelchair in public in addition to his crutches and it's always a miserable to even find a handicap spot with enough room beside the door allowing him to swing it open fully to pull the chair up beside the car. Some years ago we had to rent a van with a ramp and that was a complete nightmare. My blood pressure soars every time I deal with the handicap parking issue. I get especially angry when I see people leave their shopping carts in the handicap spot instead of walking them back to the cart corral. How in the heck do they think a person in a wheelchair is going to move that cart and park? Oh, that's right, they don't think. We can't help that some people are completely self-centered but it makes living hard sometimes. Thanks again for speaking up!


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