Friday, September 9, 2016

Sewing Time

Yesterday morning my sewing room looked like this............

The pile in the foreground next to the cutting table are the fabrics for a rag quilt and on the cutting table you can see some of the shirts I was cutting for a memory quilt.

A little later in the day I had put together a few of the blocks for the memory quilt to get a feel for how it would look, the pattern is Yellow Brick Road.  I was also pressing and cutting the fabrics for the rag quilt, gotta love multi tasking!

By the end of the day, I had all the blocks for the memory quilt done, made with shirts from my friend's son, I feel honored that she asked me to make it for her.   I also got all the blocks cut for the rag quilt that I am making for another friend.......

The blocks all put together on the design wall, except for the three rows that are on the table......

The blocks for the rag quilt, all cut and some are marked for sewing together.

All this prep will give me choices for Saturday when my friend and I spend the day catching up and of course quilting...........

Forgot to mention the little trip to Primitive Quarters Quilt Shop with some quilt friends on Wednesday afternoon, here are the goodies I just couldn't leave without. The roll is Sturbridge Christmas fabric, I think I need to take another with it unrolled so you can really appreciate why I "needed" to bring it home!  The other two pieces are from the Little House line of fabric, there were more pieces but I managed a little self control.


  1. yes please unroll it...and the others are gorgeous...good to see you sewing again...and having some retail fun too!

    1. Thank you Grace, I took a photo of the fabric unrolled,, will post soon.....spent all day on Saturday sewing, looking forward to the weather change and outside work slowing down!

  2. You made a lot of progress! Your sewing room is nice!

  3. Thank you Debbie, it's not a giant room but it's a pleasant place to create!


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