Thursday, July 30, 2015

Some Quilting and Sweetness

Yesterday was a triple H day here in Maine, a great day to spend in my sewing room working on spider web blocks. 
I am working on more today, the only change..........placing my iron OUTSIDE of my sewing room, the house does have A/C but the iron puts out lots of heat in my cozy room! 
Even though it was very hot yesterday I had to go out and do some tweeking in a few of the hives to help with ventilation........I found three frames of honey ready for me to extract.  Extracting is a sticky job so I will wait a little longer in hopes that I will have a few more frames and make one BIG mess instead of several smaller messes.  Wish you could smell how sweet the frames smell, oh and they taste pretty good too!

Loved seeing the honeybees, along with many other pollinators, foraging on the Anise Hyssop this afternoon..........
Enjoy your day!

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