Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Getting Stuff Done

I often think that I should change the name of my blog since I haven't posted much about quilting in quite some time.  This time of the year (if it is not hot and humid) I am usually outside working in the gardens, in my apiary or on some project from the list.

The garden after it was weeded about a week and a half ago.........

Finally, with the help of my husband, the "dead" space between the house and our ramp is looking better.  I will plant a few more hostas, gather a few more rocks, and set in the post for the gate latch and cross it off the project list!
The next big project has officially started, the installation of a small 6x6 greenhouse.  My husband started to clear out the spot, we will have to level the soil, built a platform, place some retaining walls around the edge, then we can build the greenhouse.
This is a "stock" photo of the greenhouse, we found it on CraigsList, it was brand new the person that was selling it just never put it up........the best part, we paid a fraction of the price of a new one!
A tour of my garden for the next post................


  1. It looks like your working hard.... I miss gardening this year.....I needed the break....I am supporting the local farmers.... However I am doing a lot of crafting since I am not working on the garden... I hope you have an abundance of produce...Lisa

    1. Thank you Lisa. You had a busy Spring, with a wedding shower and wedding to get ready for I say you needed a break. Even with the garden I still have to buy some produce from the local farmers market. I am hoping to get back into my quilting room soon, but for now the garden and various projects are calling.

  2. Lucky you...I've always wanted a greenhouse! :0)


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