Saturday, August 10, 2013

Enjoying this Beautiful Weather

The weather here in Southern Maine has been gorgeous especially for working outside in the yard.  So that is just what we here on the little "mountain" have been doing!  Here is a pictorial tour of what has been going on since my last post.

Posts in and ready to add the fencing........the pile of wood near the tractor has been cut, split and is dumped out back waiting to be stacked so it can season a little more before in comes in for winter warmth.

After the fencing installation, the short section to the right is a gate.

 Inside the fencing........I moved my blueberries to this area where they can get more sun.  I will also be putting the hives up on the green carpet area.  Since this photo was taken I have spread grass seed over the area.  The fencing is cedar so I won't be painting it, it will turn a nice grey over time.
The pile of compost we recently acquired, this will help to spruce up the dull areas in the yard for many years to come! 
Here is the next area that I am cleaning up, I want to plant some forage for the bees, maybe buckwheat and some wildflower mix along with some other "tasty" treats for them!
 My husband and I  also squeezed in some blueberry picking and plan on going at least once more to pick some to freeze. I am hoping that my blueberry bushes will get this big someday, in a few years I should be able to pick enough from my bushes (I hope) to freeze some.
in the sewing department.........I have worked on two wool candle mats, should have photos for my next post.  I will try harder to post more, just need to get back in the habit!  Off to enjoy another beautiful day!


  1. Everything looks great! I love your fence! :0)

  2. looking good denise....i know how hard all this work can be so i hope you have plenty of help. glad you are squeezing in some sewing time too...


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