Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Don't be shocked.........

Yes, don't be shocked that it's me posting again so soon, I said I was going to try and get back in the habit of posting, first step was to learn how to get photos onto the computer, learned that this morning.  Now I need to sit and type!

Here are the two wool projects that I have been keeping myself busy with.................

The bee skep one still has stitching around a few things, some stems and leaves as well attaching the second layer and putting a backing.
I only need to finish stitching around the edges of this sheep one and it is done, the thread on the left side is where I left off.

This past weekend my friend Debra and I went into my future hives (they are still at  Debra's house until she moves) and checked them out to see what is going on inside.  Two weeks ago one of them swarmed and settled into an empty hive and we were hoping to see brood in that one and in the original one we were hoping to see signs that a new queen has started her job.......
We did see some brood, hoping this weekend there will be more.
 Wish you could smell the wonderful smell coming from inside.

My husband recently fixed his tractor bucket, it was wearing thin, so he had to add some reinforcement to the bottom, here he is welding them on.
Now that it is fixed, gotta get outside and mow so I can get him back on the tractor to move more dirt for me!!  Hope you have a great day, see you in a few........


  1. Your little candle mats are so cute! I have the little runner you made me right by my computer and I still love it as much as the day it arrived in the mail! It always makes me smile! :0)

  2. lovely wool projects denise and so appropriate for your home!

  3. Good evening Denise, thank you for your kind comment in regards to my anniversary post. I do pin from pinterest and I would assume you would find me under my blog name. I happened to be viewing pinterest photos when I discovered photos from my blog pinned. I love your candle mats, you do such lovely work. I am looking forward to your "bee adventures" Good luck! Hugs, Julie.


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