Thursday, November 29, 2012

Almost Three Months................

It's been almost three months since my last post, I really don't have a good excuse.  I have been busy but not THAT busy, I think it's a mix of busy and lazy! 

I have gotten lots of sewing done, moved out of my sewing room to a cozy corner in the dining area, brought in the winter wood, cleaned out the garden and cozied up the chicken coop since I last posted.

Danvers carrots harvested from the garden......... 

A rag quilt made as a gift................... 

I will get out the camera and get to posting photos of where I relocated my sewing area after my son moved back home.  Thankfully I was able to locate a gently used Koala cabinet for a bargain price, allowing me to have a great place to sew while using minimal room in my dining area.   

Hoping to get some Christmas decorating done early so I can truly enjoy the season, I only have a few major gifts to purchase along with stocking stuffers.  In the coming week I should be able to get the bulk of it done and then................I can PLAY during the month of December!


  1. I love that quilt Denise! I bet your sewing area is very cozy.

  2. Your carrots look great! And so does your quilt! I have some flannels set aside to make one like that one of these days! :0)

  3. Love the quilt. It looks soft and cozy.


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