Friday, February 17, 2012

Coming Out of Hibernation...........Soon!

Actually, I haven't been hibernating I just haven't blogged much.   I'm working on those PIFs, I have until April, here's a sneak peak of what I will be using for them............
When they have been received by my PIF friends I will share photos and the pattern!

I have also been having a little fun with some batiks.........
I told my niece at Christmas time I would make her a quilt for her new doll crib, so I decided to make a matching one for her too!  This pattern is quick and easy to make, here are a few photos I took as I made it.............................
The 2 1/2 inch strips.

In the above photo I am "squaring up" the edge, below I am cutting each strip pair into the appropriate sections.
Below are all the cut pairs ready to be made into the quilt.

The finished products.............

This one looks more like a table runner, but I made it according to the size of the doll crib.  The doll quilt is completely finished, I still need to quilt the larger one.

With the temperatures expected to be in the 40s today I am "pretending" it is Spring............
Just ignore the "white" stuff in the background, LOL!  We have had an extremely mild Winter, I hope that we don't pay for it in the Spring! 

Have a great day!


  1. Its about time..... :) Missed you blogging..Glad your coming out of hibernation soon..Your quilts are always beautiful...I enjoy seeing your work...
    How are the chickens doing??
    Our winter has been pretty quiet...50's today...I am enjoying not shoveling tho..but I do miss the snow..
    Hope all is well and I think of you often...

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I haven't commented much on blogs either, but you have been in my thoughts and prayers. The chickens are doing well, on average between the 6 hens I get 4 eggs a day, some days more. One of them is currently molting so she's taking some "time off" until she's done!

      Thanks for your kind comments on my quilting, I'm sure you are just as talented!


  2. You're working on PIFs...that's kind of exciting! April will be here before we know it! Love the quilt too! I have a bunch of batik strips and I'm thinking this would be a great way to use them up! :0)

    1. A friend of mine did this same quilt using a lighter color for the background......I used stuff from my stash that's why I have the darker blue which I think still looks great.

      Soon you will be receiving your PIF!


  3. beautiful batiks, denise! and i agree, great winter and i never say that at all until now. great to "hear" from you again, glad you've been busy

  4. Well hello stranger... so happy to see your out of hibernation. Your projects are lovely. Great job on the quilts...

    hmmm wonder what the other stuff is going to be??? Can't wait to see.

    You take care and hopefully we will be seeing more of you.

    Hugs, Deb xo

  5. Hi Dear Friend,
    I was wondering if you were ok or not.
    Looks like you have been busy as always. I think about you often. Wishing we could sit to chat and sew.

  6. Denise... I can't thank you enough for the lovely pieces you sent. I love them... I found a spot for both of them in about two minutes... love when that happens. I will honouring my end of the pledge today. Thanks again my friend... xo



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