Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Fall......Time to Organize and Purge!

Irene has come and gone, power was out for just a short time.....not a real hardship for us as we have a generator.  We really were not bothered by Irene much just a few extra branches and one small tree that family and home are intact, prayers answered.  Please keep those in Vermont in your prayers. 

Been busy getting started on the WOOD for winter, once that is in and out of the way we will be able to get the area where next year's larger garden will go!  We also had to get another area in the yard prepared to put the wood that still needs to be cut and split for next year. 
It doesn't look like I've done much in the above photo but I have already moved 2 truck loads out by the back door ready to come inside.  My goal this year is to have the wood in by October 1, I'll keep you posted on my progress. 

Earlier this summer I transplanted two very large pumpkin plants that were going to be thrown away, the seeds are from pumpkins that a local man uses to grow his HUGE pumpkins.  I really didn't think they would survive as the plants didn't seem to like being disturbed from their pots but as you can see in these photos the plants have taken over a corner and the loam pile.  I don't have many pumpkins, one of them was doing well but one day I noticed that the skin had cracked almost like it grew too fast. 

The next photo is the largest pumpkin........

All those pallets and the loam pile will be taken care of once the pumpkins are finished, that is all part of the "garden prep" plan. 

I haven't gotten much done in the sewing room as I have been busy doing some major organizing of draws, closets, etc........On Monday our next door neighbor was broken into (while they were gone) in the middle of the day.......that really got me to thinking about the important stuff (not necessarily the valuable stuff), two of their jewelry boxes were taken that contained mementos from their life, stuff that is know like the boy scout pin from a son, etc.  A perfect time to "clean house" for me, and that I did yesterday......I was up past 11pm working in one room, I did have to catch up on paperwork, too, that took quite a bit of time.  It's raining again today so I will continue in the other rooms, it will be a nice start to Fall having tidy spaces.

I'm also still working on perfecting my yogurt making.  I made fresh from scratch french bread recently, my own homemade deodorant, planning on making homemade soap and homemade laundry soap, and of course getting my butt back in the sewing room.  Definately enough to keep me out of trouble for the coming winter.

Enjoy your day!


  1. You've certainly been keeping busy. Glad you weren't affected too much by the hurricane. That pile of wood looks like a lot of work. Glad you have the power equipment to help move it around.

  2. We are working on wood too. And of course I am looking forward to winter so I can have a nice fire in the stove. LOL Don't work too hard!

  3. I don't even want to think about firewood! I stacked all summer to get the nine dump truck loads done, and now that I'm all finished, John and Brian are cutting and bringing home more wood for me to stack! It never ends! LOL Cool pumpkin! :0)

  4. Hi Dear Friend,
    Happy to hear all is well there. You sure have been busy. Have a wonderful week.


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